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arthroscopy2Approximately 750-800 arthroscopies are performed annually by Graham at East Midlands Referrals. These Keyhole procedures are gold standard for precise diagnosis of joint pathology and, in most cases, for any definitive treatment.

Arthroscopy is the examination of a joint using endoscopy. Arthroscopic surgery is quite commonplace in human medicine and is becoming more common in veterinary medicine as well. It is a minimally invasive surgery to diagnose and treat disease or injured joints. This technique can be used as a tool to diagnose problems after other noninvasive test results are inconclusive or to provide definitive treatment once a diagnosis is made with CT, MRI or X-ray. Arthroscopy allows us to more thoroughly examine the joints so we can accurately diagnose and treat the problem. Your pet will experience less pain and recover faster than with a traditional surgery procedure.

Arthroscopic surgery is feasible in small dogs and even cats and EMR has spent many years acquiring very specialised equipment for these procedures including arthroscopic examination and treatment of meniscal tears associated with cruciate ligament rupture. This represents a level of treatment sophistication which is only offered in a handful of establishments in the UK and contributes to much improved results and rapid recoveries.

Call us today and we can set up a consultation to review the symptoms, diagnose any joint problems, and formulate a plan to success for your pet.

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