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Arthroscopic Surgery

arthroscopic-surgeryArthroscopy is a discipline in which the practice has invested a lot of development and we are constantly upgrading and advancing as new technologies are available to us.

Approximately 600 arthroscopies are performed annually, these keyhole procedures are gold standard for precise diagnosis of joint pathology and, in most cases, for any definitive treatment.

Commonly performed;

  • Stifle arthroscopy - prior to cruciate and/or for meniscal surgery

  • Elbow arthroscopy - for OCD, FCP, IOHC and UAP

  • Shoulder arthroscopy - for bicipital tenosynovitis, OCD and glenohumeral tears

  • Occasionally performed;

  • Hip arthroscopy - assessment for salvage procedures and covert injuries

  • Hock arthroscopy - OCD

  • Carpal arthroscopy - chip fractures

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